About This Site

This blog started as Apache running on a homebrew desktop I was running off Comcast from my apartment at university. From there, it migrated to a colocated Pentium 4 rackmount which I shared with some former co-workers. Eventually there was (as there always is) a falling out, and we each went our separate ways, at which point it went back to the desktop machine temporarily before getting migrated to an Ubuntu VM Linode. From there, it was updated a couple times, to Fedora 14 and 15 as times required.

Unfortunately, these days I’m pretty much a global nomad, and upgrading a Linode VM every 6 months is an expensive pain in the ass, so I’m letting WordPress do the heavy lifting from now on.

The downside of this is that I can’t make the site as beautiful as it used to be running a modified version of the Hatch Pro theme. It sucks to have to put up with the loss of control, but I’m pretty sure I’ll survive ;-).

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