Cool little shot of backing up a DVD in Ubuntu via Thoggen.



  1. Luis says:

    Is thoggen still completely dog-slow? Last time I tried to use it (dual-core P4 IIRC?) it was expecting something like 16-18 hours to rip a DVD. And the quality of the rip was pretty poor.

  2. Luis says:

    (The UI was sweet, though, so I’m hoping it has had some performance love.)

  3. Luis says:

    Ah, I see from zooming in on the screenshot that the answer is ‘no’. Shame.

  4. James Cape says:

    It takes 11 hrs for a full-size, 2GB rip on my 2.4Ghz P4-HT. Not good, but you start it before you go to sleep and it’s done before you get back from work.

  5. Tristan says:


    Thoggen was slow because theoraenc was slow. With the new libtheora alpha7 though they’ve started using MMX (yes, straight out of 1996!) and it’s received a huge speed boost — I can encode in realtime on my Athlon64 3000+ (running in 64-bit mode if that makes any difference). It’s not multithreaded though, so a dual-core won’t much difference beyond GStreamer using the other core to do the Vorbis encoding.

    Unfortunately alpha7 doesn’t do much for the quality, which for a given filesize simply can’t compete with the likes of Xvid (which is also faster), let alone more modern codecs like H.264/AVC.

    Vorbis is arguably the best lossy audio format out there, and it’s a real shame that Theora can’t match it on the video side. I’m holding out lots of hope for Dirac though — let’s hope the BBC can do it…

  6. brib says:

    I like the interface. But that slowness seriously is going to annoy me.
    It seems that you like emma and kropotkin which I sort of like too 😉

  7. James Cape says:

    Kropotkin is the laptop, and one of these days Emma gets on a t-shirt…

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