Best Hackergotchi Ever

Belongs to Branden Robinson on Planet Debian.



  1. cs says:

    strange… i don’t see a hackergotchi on branden’s entries…

  2. dickhead says:

    go to planet debian, it’s on there…

  3. Wouter Verhelst says:

    You’ll probably want to know that it’s Branden, not Braden ;-). Make sure he doesn’t find out, he’ll probably rip your head off (in an affectionate kind of way 😉

  4. Alan says:

    Direct link to the Branden Head

    Why didn’t you include a link to in the first place?

    Looks like it was borrowed from some old war propoganda or the Eagle war comics I used to read.
    Definately nice style of artwork. Maybe I’m missing some particular reference which makes it funnier.

  5. James Cape says:


    Way-back-when, when Branden (thanks Wouter) was still the “Debian X Strike Force” leader, he (to the best of my understanding) got sick of answering the “when will Debian include XFree86 4” questions and random other bitchings, and so proceeded to put that wartime-propaganda up with the caption “How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?”

    It snowballed into some huge deal with people who take either themselves or Debian waaaay to seriously, and were shocked! I say, shocked! and appalled that there was a (gasp) curseword on the Debian X11 page.

    Good times, good times…

  6. Jacobo says:

    Oh, sweet, finally Branden adopted the hackergotchi I made for him! 🙂

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