More Purty

Done with finals, I decided to hack on EggIconChooser some more. Mostly minor UI tweaks, small bugfixes, and some changes that’d been sitting on my disk for a long while. Anyhow, here’s the results:



  1. non-english says:

    i do not really like user interfaces that emphasize using of prepositions. this is not about ui really, but this could be wery bad for translation teams, especially non-indoeuropean languages that do not use prepositions so heavily.

  2. aam says:

    I like it.

    But where is the path editor to look for another icons?

  3. quinn says:

    That’s looking nice– any chance some of those enhancements will find their way into GtkIconView, or is EggIconCHooser too different?

  4. Travis Reitter says:

    Thank you, sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar!

    I thought about something like this a year ago or so.. seemed like some low-hanging fruit.

  5. Mike MacCana says:

    I like it lots.

    A suggestions: if I’ve just created a link to a binary called ‘evolution’ or ‘firefox’ or whatever, could it select an icon whose file name matches automatically?



  6. Jimbob says:

    (Figured I’d get around to replying to all these now, when nobody is paying attention anymore ;-))

    non-english: Hmmm, I wasn’t considering translation problems when crafting it. I’ll storm about some alternatives.

    aam: There’s an “other” item in the combobox that uses a FileChooser.

    quinn: GtkIconView is more of a general “show me a bunch of data from a GtkTreeModel in a grid” widget (at least in 2.7), and EggIconChooser uses it to display icons from an icon theme. So the short answer is “no” :-).

    Mike: That feature is outside the scope of the widget, but the “dot-desktop editor” widget that the panel and nautilus use could easily set the selected icon to match the executable name if it used EggIconChooser.

  7. raszi says:

    It’s fscking amazing šŸ™‚

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