Coding Update

I haven’t blogged on my coding activities in a long while, so I figured I’d do so now. I just finished a patch to GtkLabel that implements an “ellipsize” property, using owen’s great work getting that into PangoLayout. Now all the various “BlahEllipsizingLabel” widgets can go away.

I then used that in the FileChooserButton widget I’ve been working on, after doing some cleanups and a reorganization to match GTK+ coding standards. I sent that code to the gtk-devel mailing list (archives are 2 days behind, for some reason).

Finally, I’ve been working on integrating the icon chooser I’ve been working on into libegg.



  1. Mikael Hallendal says:

    Rock! This is great. Any chance you might add the same feature to the GtkCellRenderText for use in GtkTreeView?

  2. Jimbob says:

    It’s possible, yes, the main issue is working out how the get_size() and render() methods interact, though the code could easily be taken from the size_request() and expose() handlers to deal with that for GtkCellRendererText. There’s also a bug on that.

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