Reworking The Blog

I went ahead and did a rewrite of the CSS and index.php for the site to move away from the increasingly crufty one-file wordpress stuff. In the process, I changed the look to one I think looks better — though it is an order of magnitude or slower to scroll.



  1. Matt Duncan says:

    Hey man. nice site. I teach HTML at a university, and one of my students linked to your site, probably because of the Arisitide post above.

    Noticed that there’s a problem with your nav bar… seems like you need a ../ or something, because I keep getting “../blog/misc” for example, and the nav is all broken, but peeling and typing got me to all the links.


  2. Matt Duncan says:

    DOH! You go to school here. Cool. Hi. I’m Matt. Christina’s in my class and linked to you. Again, nice page.

  3. Jimbob says:

    Yeah, I haven’t moved the old static stuff over to the db yet :-).

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