Voting for Hillary

Hillary could shoot Vince Foster in the face from a black helicopter, as part of a cocaine-for-secrets deal with the KGB, brokered by the Reptilian U.N., and she’d still make a better president than Donald Fucking Trump.

About the AR-15

It’s supposed to be more deadly in the hands of ill-trained draftees than any rifle yet built.

Das Nuclear Boot

When you absolutely, positively, have to do the bare minimum to clean out as many hard drives as possible in a short amount of time. Or you need to wipe an SSD. Either way.

Your Performance Metrics Are Terrible

Bad data is worse than no data, unfortunately it seems like most tech guys are just as easily distracted by meaningless numbers as managers are by meaningless graphs.

What You Make Them Use

Systems and network administrators should always make sure they aren’t spared the typical user experience.


The complete configuration necessary to implement anycast DNS using Cisco IP SLA, though it’s a little weird without the background.

Anycast: DGRAM vs. STREAM

For internal anycast services, it doesn’t really matter if it’s using TCP or UDP, so long as your routing protocol fails over quickly.

Anycast: Handling Routes

For internal services, you probably want to have them fail over between sites. Dynamic routing protocols will let you do that.

Anycast: The Interface

If you use a loopback interface for your service, you can share the IP address between two different servers, even on the same LAN.

Anycast: The Loophole

A nifty hack that’s possible in IP networks is the ability to share an IP between servers thousands of miles apart.